Notice of Change for finish product's shelf life

Posted On 15-03-2019

Dear Valued Practitioners

This is a friendly reminder that from 15 March 2019, our dispensed formula's self life will be changed from 6 months into 3 months, which means the expiry date for your prescribed herbal formula product will be set as 3 months from the dispensed date.

This change was made after the annual review based on the following considerations:

1. although our ongoing stability studies for finish products' shelf life warrant at least 6 months, but most of prescription dose prescribed and received are for 7 - 30 days ;

2. the longer expiry date as 6 months could result in a misinterpretation that the formula does not need to be consumed as soon as possible.  

3. TCM treats a condition / disease by targeting the corresponding patterns at the time of diagnoses. the pattern may change dramatically at several months later. 

We will continue to make every improvement as committed.

Thank you!  

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